Photo Shoot Theme: Sabyasachi inspired photo shoot (Socially distanced)

Shoot Type: Independent

Shoot Date: Aug/Sep 2020 on a weekend convenient for the model

Shoot Length: 2 to 3 hours

Shoot Location: 1005 Doris Drive Collegeville PA 19426

Compensation: Time for Print

Model requirements:  Female, Age 21 - 45.  

COVID-19 precaution: I will be wearing a mask throughout the shoot.

Contact me : or (215)859-2102


I am in the process of organizing a Sabyasachi inspired photo shoot and I am reaching out to you as a model. I would like to offer you this free shoot.  Let me know if you’d consider working with me on this project.


I am looking to arrange this shoot sometime next month on weekends only and the shoot would take 2 to 3 hours. I’m flexible on this if this doesn’t work for you. Please let me know what dates you have available.


A lot of my test shoots tend to be shot here in my home studio in Collegeville PA. Space is limited but some of my best shoots and collaborations have been shot here. I have some lighting ideas I wanted to put into practice, but I can also get some shots more tailored to what you are after as well.

How Long

Normally a shoot is 2 to 3 hours long and we would get at least three or four very different sets done in that time.

Styling & Theme

Regarding styling and the theme of this shoot, I have attached some pictures above and we would be moving in that general direction. I’m happy to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to shoot in, especially if you have something interesting or more unique in mind.

Also, if you have some styling ideas, please feel free to either send me some shots or links of what you’re thinking of so I can better plan what would look good with them lighting wise.

What is in for you

From our test shoot you would get  ten  to fifteen un-watermarked, hi-resolution, fully retouched files that you would choose in exchange for release or license to use those pictures for portfolio build. You would receive these over the period of around 1-3 weeks.

I’m sorry if this is an information overload but I thought it better to get as much info across from the start to avoid too many messages back and forth so that you knew what you were getting into from the beginning.

I’d love to hear your thoughts though and by all means; I’m always open to suggestions.


Ravi Krishnamurthy

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