Personal Branding / Head Shot FAQ

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Headshots are the new digital business card.

Headshot Session includes:

       - One to  two hours session but we’ll shoot until we’re happy

       - Up to three retouched poses (additional poses available)

Headshot Details

After you contact me, I will prep you with great tips for clothing, makeup, hair, etc. During your headshot session, I will bring out relaxed, natural expressions even when you’re nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera. The images I capture will be engaging, approachable, and friendly – important traits for a powerful headshot. As I shoot, I will review your images with you to make sure you love what I create. Once you've chosen the images you want to keep, they are professionally retouched to make you look absolutely amazing. I guarantee you’ll love your new headshots!

I’m sold! Where do I sign up?

Contact me! You can reach me at (215)859-2102 and from there we’ll select a date and time that works best for you!

Studio Addresses:


General Info

Get plenty of sleep in the days before your headshot session and stay hydrated. Don’t go out drinking the night before. Don’t do anything crazy with your hair the week before the session. Remember you should look like you normally do on your very best day!

What Should I wear?

The number one rule is you MUST love what you are wearing. You know what clothes look best on you. If you hate everything in your closet then go out and buy some new stuff. I love variety, so feel free to bring me lots of options: Dress shirts/tops, tees/v-necks, light jackets, spaghetti straps, layers, etc. The only thing I will caution against is busy patterns or extremely flashy colors (like neon pink… you think I’m joking) as these can tend to be distracting. You’re selling yourself in your headshots, not your clothes. Also keep in mind what you wear on the bottom does not matter.

What about Makeup and Hair?

Women: I absolutely recommend getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist. You are welcome to bring your own. Generally the goal is to start with a very natural look. We are always able to punch it up later in the shoot if you so desire. Please do not be overly concerned about blemishes, as they will be easily removed in retouching. For hair I leave the styling decision up to you and the makeup artist. If you’d like to go from curly to straight in the middle of the shoot you are more than welcome to do so. Just make sure to let me know before the shoot starts so we can plan our time accordingly.

Men: I generally do not recommend or prefer makeup on guys. In a high-res color headshot, where your face is so clearly in focus, makeup can tend to look obvious. As I mentioned to women, don’t worry yourself over blemishes, they will all be taken care of in retouching. Hair styling is completely up to you. If you wear facial hair occasionally we can start the shoot grown out to your desired length and shave part way through.


Busy patterns, plaids or stripes. Short sleeved tops where sleeve is loose on arm. Shiny fabrics like silk or satin. Pastels are generally bad. NO jewelry for actor headshots. Jewelry is fine for Corporate Headshots

What is the difference between a Headshot and Portrait?

A headshot is generally a close­up style shot of head and shoulders that the subject uses for branding, marketing and for identifying themselves in the marketplace. Headshot may in studio or on­location. The subject’s expression is approachable and confident and is looking at the camera. The goal is to recognize/identify the subject.

A portrait is any other kind of shot of a person. The options are limitless. Closeups, 3/4 lengths, full body shots, in studio or on location where the setting may be important to the story of the portrait. Expressions can really show any kind of emotion and subject may not even be looking at the camera. Portraits can be of one person or more than one person. (individuals, siblings, families, business teams, couples etc.). A headshot could be a portrait but a portrait is not necessarily a headshot.

The main difference being that a headshot is a professional representation of the subject for the desired use of the photograph, while a portrait is an artistic representation of the person.

What is the difference between Business Headshot and Other Headshots ?

Generally, business headshot clients are looking for a select few headshots that show themselves to be confident and approachable. They want to use their headshots for social media, websites, and business cards. They may change their outfits but their expressions tend to be friendly and we capture them naturally.

Actors usually need a wider array of expressions so that they have a solid variety of bookable looks ­ i.e. the bad guy, the sexy guy, the guy next door, the boss, the commercial look, an intense look etc…Actor headshots take more time and yield a larger number of proofs.

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