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Ravi Krishnamurthy  - (215)859-2102

Creating wonderful memories for you is much more than pointing a camera and clicking the shutter.

I provide the best in class headshots and portraiture for business, corporate, social media, or any area where it is crucial that you look confident, attractive and approachable.

My job as your photographer is to capture images that showcase not only your physical characteristics, but also give the viewer a glimpse into your personality through your expressions.

I have had the pleasure of having personally trained and mentored by world-renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley from New York.

Photography is my passion.  I love to travel and learn about different cultures, meet different people and hear their stories. Though it doesn't explain why I’m a photographer, it sure tells why I specialize in capturing the moment and the emotions that existed along with it.

I didn't graduate from a photography school. But, I have always loved photography and pursued it as a hobby. All along, my camera strapped around my torso during my worldly travels, kept quietly nudging me. Thankfully, my wife, Paru,  encouraged me along and the flood gates to photography broke open. Paru has always supported me in my journey in photography with lots of patience and of course lots of money for the top of the line equipment this passion of mine, needs.

What started as an exploration into advanced digital workshops of Photography, has eventually led me to intense hands-on training with national photography icons and industry leaders.  To this day, my thirst for knowledge pushes me to expand my technical knowledge, creativity and customer service skills, so I can always give my best to every client I have the honor of working with.

A few more things about me:

I live in Collegeville PA, 30 miles west of Philadelphia.

I believe if you've ever had a bad picture of you, it's not your fault.

I only work with people that have seen my past work, and want something similar. You have to really love my style. Otherwise this won't end up in a good place for either of us.

I'm a portrait guy. I shoot family events, babies, kids, grandparents, headshots...if it has a face, I'll take it's picture.

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